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Previous Webinars  AI is born of humans, and then raised by humans. Sound Funny? If you’ve raised a child, then you know how important continuous training is to constructing a mature adult. In the exact same way, Artificial Intelligence’s need more than just initial training data to become a valuable asset. It will require continuous training, scoring, and validation to continuously improve model quality. This training will come from humans and also other AI’s.

This webinar will review how both humans and machines contribute to the initial construction and continuous improvement of any AI initiative.

Speaker: Nathaniel Gates, CEO, Alegion is career technology worker and entrepreneur focusing on the Cloud Computing and Cloud Labor spaces. Nathaniel co-founded Alegion in 2012 and now serves as its CEO and an industry evangelist. Prior to Alegion, Nathaniel founded Cloud49, a successful cloud computing solutions provider focused on the public sector. Nathaniel has a passion for providing next generation work opportunities to people around the world who demonstrate a willingness to work hard for themselves and their families.

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