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Why is my chatbot not working? The secrets to designing a great customer experience

Advancements in AI, machine learning and conversational technologies coupled with consumers’ desire to self-serve is fuelling widespread adoption of virtual assistants and chatbots for customer engagement. Yet despite their popularity many implementations fail to live up to customer and organizational expectations.

Designing an AI-powered conversation to sufficiently meet consumer needs and return real business value requires not just technology—but a nuanced strategy and in-depth considerations. Join leading user experience and customer engagement experts as they share key principles and lessons learned from designing millions of conversational AI interactions for some of the world’s largest organizations—across messaging, web and IVR.

You’ll learn:

  • The most common reasons virtual assistants and chatbots fail
  • How to uncover the most meaningful use cases that meet customer needs and deliver organizational value
  • Personality and branding considerations—from tone and voice to using an avatar
  • Considerations for deciding to do-it-yourself or bring in design experts

Wherever you are in your journey—whether you’re just considering implementing a conversational virtual assistant or wondering why your current one isn’t living up to expectations—this is a must-attend Webinar. Don’t miss out on these valuable insights—register today!

Plus: All attendees will receive a complimentary Expo Pass to AI World in Boston, December 3-5.

Eduardo Olvera
Director of User Experience, CIG
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Eduardo is a Director of User Experience with Nuance’s Cognitive Innovation Group (CIG). His work on many international English, Spanish and French voice user interfaces for such industry leading corporations as US Airways, USAA, FedEx, Ford, Walgreens, Telefonica Movistar, Fidelity, Citi, US Bank, Geico, Vanguard, Samsung, Virgin, MetroPCS, and Sempra, give him a deep understanding of the user and business challenges of conversational, multilingual and multimodal omni-channel application design, development and implementation.

Jessica Langdorf
Director, Digital Engagement Lab
Nuance Communications, Inc.

As Director, Digital Engagement Lab at Nuance, Jessica Langdorf brings 20+ years of operational planning and process improvement experience with 10+ years in the digital optimization area for telecom, financial services, and retail industries. Jessica is responsible for strategic solution design and online engagement best practice definition, execution, and optimization.


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