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The Brain Throughout Life Worksheet

How well do your students understand their growing brains? What about their parents’ brains? What about the brain of an infant? Have your students read 3 articles from the Brain Facts Book and complete the provided worksheet to help them better understand the lifetime of a brain.

  • Be able to identify how the brain changes during various stages of life
  • Identify healthy cognitive aging
  • Understand key vocabulary terms from the Brain Facts book

Integration into the Curriculum:

  • Health
  • Biology, AP Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Teacher Background

Even before we are born our brains are developing rapidly. During the early stages of life, our brains go through one of its most important growing stages or critical periods. But it doesn’t stop there. Teens’ brains don’t fully develop until they are young adults, and even older adults can see changes in their brains.

The following articles and worksheet will map out a timeline of the ever-changing human brain. During class or as an at home assignment, ask your students to read the following chapters and fill in the blanks of the Aging Worksheet:

  • Chapter 6 The Developing Brain
  • Chapter 7 Infant, Child & Adolescent Brain
  • Chapter 8 Adult & Aging Brain

Materials needed

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