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Top 3 2019 Predictions for AI in Healthcare


The next five years in healthcare will continue to focus on the adoption of disruptive and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will drive digital transformation forward at a rapid pace. While AI has experienced
over-hyped promised and the health industry has taken a cautious approach to the use of AI technologies, progress is genuinely being
made today. This webinar will highlight 3 AI predictions from IDC Health Insights’ Top 10 predictions for 2019 and identify
relevant AI use cases for digital transformation.

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Lynne Dunbrack, Vice President of Research, IDC
Lynne Dunbrack is Research Vice President for IDC Health Insights responsible for the research operations for IDC Health Insights. She manages a group of analysts who provide research-based advisory and consulting services for payers, providers, accountable care organizations, IT service providers, and the IT suppliers that serve those markets.  Lynne also leads the IDC Health Insights’ Connected Health IT Strategies program. Specific areas of Lynne’s in-depth coverage include mobile, constituency engagement, interoperability, health information exchange, privacy, and security.  Technology coverage areas include clinical mobility (physician facing) and mobile health (consumer facing), health information exchange, end-to-end remote patient health monitoring for health , wellness and chronic conditions, Internet of Things (IoT), personal health records and member, patient, provider portals, kiosks, videoconferencing and online care, unified communications, aging in place, and social.


Previously, Lynne served as a Product Manager for MA-SHARE, LLC, one of the nation’s first clinical data exchange demonstration projects. Prior to that, Lynne was Director of Product Management at NaviMedix, Inc. (now NaviNet). She also served as the Director of HIPAA Compliance.  As a former Gartner analyst, Lynne provided industry expertise to end-user and vendor clients on topics such as physician market trends, practice management, managed care, enterprise scheduling, contract management, workflow improvement, system selection and implementation. Her healthcare background includes 25 plus years of direct experience in product management and system implementation for IDX (now GE Healthcare) and operations for Tufts Health Plan.


  • College of the Holy Cross, and an M.B.A. with a concentration in healthcare management and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management.
  • Guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School
  • Lynne has been quoted by national media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, and San Jose Business Journal. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences.
  • Contributor to mHealth Innovation, edited by Rick Krohn, MA, MAS & David Metcalf, PhD and published by HIMSS

Lynne’s twitter handle is @ldunbrack and she blogs in the IDC Community (

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